Gamers For Giving 2017 - Starcraft II: Legacy of The Void

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Tournament Format: 1 vs 1

Prize Type (sponsored by Wintergaming):

1st Place: $300.00

2nd Place: $150.00

3rd Place: $50.00

Event Rules: View / Download PDF

Maps (Current Ladder Map Pool):

  • Abyssal Reef LE (2)
  • Bel'Shir Vestige LE (2)
  • Newkirk Precinct TE (2)
  • Paladino Terminal LE (2)
  • Proxima Station LE (2)
  • Cactus Valley LE (4)
  • Honorgrounds LE (4)


冠军: (Z) Game time
有价值对手: (P) KiFirE
下次再说: (Z) Spyderslayer


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